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link and resource sites - [U.S.] forums, profiles, and links to many 'great architect' sites. Fairly commercial, with pop-ups. [02/05]

adam - [U.K.] useful vetted search engine of arts and architecture websites. No new links after May 2000 so getting very out of date. [02/05]

archibot - [U.S.] architectural news service, bookshop, and search engine. Very quiet for the past year, though still some action in the forums. [02/05]

archinform - [Germany] profiles and links for architects and projects. [08/04] - [U.S] the New York-based Architecture Research Institute portal, with competition links, a journal, and links. No fresh content on last visit. [02/05]

architecture virtual library - [Canada] an early one - a Toronto University project - no updates since 1999. [02/05]

architexturez - [India] mountains of good content and links with a leaning towards the subcontinent. [02/05]

archnewsnow - [U.S.] worldwide architecture news links, every day. [02/05] - [France] completely updated with a clever database this french language site has a tonne of links in many architectural categories. Forums also. [02/05]

arriscad - links galore to big name architects, but not very current ones. [02/05]

art deco architecture - a small art deco resource with links. [02/05] - planning resources and discussion board. [01/05].

city of the future - links site for cities and structures of the future. F.A.B. [01/05]

death by architecture
- we all owe a big debt to this site - it's been around for years and Mario's still busy at it - main focus on competitions.[02/05]

dezain - a busy japanese news site with lots of news links and a photo gallery. [07/05]

emporis building database
- massive trove of building information and images. [08/04]

- a resource that profiles good buildings by good architects, whereever they are (as long as that happens to be in Europe or North America). [05/04]

glass, steel and stone
- worldwide building database, includes many images. [08/04]

great buildings online
- large site with architects and buildings galore - also downloads of 3d models.

great structures of the world
- pics and statistics of the structural wonders of the world - includes data on the Sydney Opera House.

international archive of women in architecture
- contains a biographical directory.

- great african site with profiles and photos of many african and international architects - sections on constructivism, the New York Five and a lot more.

- a dutch university site with an array of interesting areas (but a lot of dead internal and external links) - includes a gallery of free 3D models of famous buildings in dwg and 3dS formats.

missarchy - a webite for young women in architecture. Contains some relevant articles and a forum. [07/04]

university of nevada
- large links library

- an illustrated database of more than 5000 tall buildings worldwide.

university of melbourne architecture library links
- one page of useful links.

virtual tours webring

- this swiss portal provides a mixed selection of links relevant to European Architecture.

image banks

auckland city libraries - large searchable collection of historic auckland photographs.
digilib - queensland architectural image database. [09/06]
mitchell - The State Library of New South Wales' Mitchell Library has done us a great favour by putting this online architectural archive together
museum victoria biggest family album
- a street by street database of photos collected from families.[09/06]
picture australia - national library of australia search engine looks for images in many australian institutions - has thumbnail previews.
tyrrell collection - several hundred pictures of early Sydney, stored at the Powerhouse museum. [12/02]

archivision - a Canadian stock photo service dedicated to architectural photography. Slides and digital images are available.
agram database - extensive collection of photos of the buildings of Le Corbusier, Johannes Duiker, Josep M. Jujol, Adolf Loos, K.F. Schinkel, K. Melnikov and Frank Lloyd Wright.
- click on the images tab and search photos in image banks (getty and corbis) and on the web.

american memory - a huge trove of historical digital images of just about anything conceivable. And it's not all american. At the moment they are featuring panoramic maps. [02/05]

cities/buildings database - large architecture-specific database at the University of Washington, with search and thumbnails.
digital archive of american architecture - a long list of american building images.
digital imaging project - extensive slide collection of european and north american architecture, available for educational use. [05/05]
great buildings online - large site with architects and buildings galore - also downloads of 3d models.

Hamburg-Harburg Technical University - their very large photo library has just grown some more and is worth a look for Corb, Mies, Gropius pics and links.
library of congress - 38,000 old U.S, architectural drawings, but few of them are available to look at, and then only at low resolution due to copyright concerns. [05/04]

online architectural bookshops

aalto books - the NZIA online bookshop.
angus and robertson - this store has 409 architecture books available - minimal descriptions - online shopping.
architext - the RAIA bookshop online - hundreds of books available with usually adequate descriptions - buy by post, fax or in person.
BSP Gallery and Bookshop - VIC - Old and rare books including a long list of out-of-print architecture books. [07/02]
building bookshop - NSW - a Sydney shop with free talks. [05/05]
butterbooks - this site's very own bookshop, in association with amazon - it's very small but gives access to several million books at amazon. Buy via this site and support it - please.
collins - the bookstore arm of this publisher has a lot of architecture books available - minimal descriptions if any - online shopping.
riba bookshop - RIBA english online bookshop - site just gets bigger and better. [01/02]
mcgills - autralian bookshop with a strong architectural component though the descriptions are short - with online shopping.

published art - a small bookshop specialising in architecture and art, in Surry Hills Sydney. Has a good-sized online shop.[12/03]
william stout books - a san fransisco publisher with a diverse range of architectural books. Tip: SH[12/03]

jobs and tenders


bloomfield tremayne - VIC architecture jobs agency - site has a handy job-finder search engine.
hays montrose - Australia and New Zaland (and elsewhere) - an english company with antipodean branches. Has an online job search which was a bit quiet when I visited. They also provide help to architects looking for work in England.
mycareer - Aust. online jobs - by fairfax newspapers. Has a good searchable database. This link should take you to the right page. [02/05]
RAIA - the australian institute's
job vacancies page, mostly NSW jobs when I looked. [02/05]

seek nz - quite a few architecture jobs listed on last visit - mainly via agencies. [05/03]

building design - the British weekly is available online but you have to register. You can see the job listing without registering. [02/05]
mcgraw hill - U.S. and international jobs - a merger with another site has pretty much merged out all the architecture jobs.

f2 network - the latest public notices advertising for design consultants in NSW and Victoria can be found here. [01/04]

WA government tenders - this link at the GEM website should turn up the latest design tenders. [01/04]

SA tenders - South Australian government tender site. [01/04]