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australia and new zealand magazines:

architect victoria - the RAIA's Victorian chapter publication, available (sometimes) as a PDF download.
australian building news - current and past issues.
architecture australia - RAIA endorsed publication - includes searchable database of archived articles. [11/01]
architectural review australia (AR) - past cover stories are available online as PDFs. [02/05]
architecture new zealand - has been under construction for almost two years! no content. [12/03]
headspace20 - the abc's fine online contribution.
indesign - new aust. products magazine - site being revamped. [03/01]
landcape australia - basic online presence of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects..
monument - was a great site - but it is now kaput. I'll leave a placeholder here to encourage its return under monument's new owners.
pander - NZ arts publication has occasional online archi-essays by the likes of Sarah Treadwell, Mike Austin, and Andrew Barrie. Been a bit quiet since 2000. [12/02]
pol oxygen - australian cross-discipline design magazine with a website that apparently changes every two weeks. [12/04]
trends - new zealand and australian magazine, many photos and a good site, but not a meaty read.[12/03]
ume - university of melbourne architecture journal - very slow loading flash4 format - a few text excerpts (three!) if you can find them (go to current issue then click on the lines at the top). Has not changed in ages [12/02]
urban design forum - newsy urban design magazine beaming out of Melbourne - free to view on site. Contains upcoming conferences and lots of articles from around the world.

magazines elsewhere :

[ oh dear the good ones keep dying. RIP creative base and contempt, I can no longer find y'URL. 07/03]

a+u - only sells hard copy subscriptions and back issues [LINK REVISED 01/02].
a-matter - new  international online architecture magazine - experimental works
abitare - italian magazine.
AIQ - Architrecture Israel Quarterly. Many article available to download form this site. Does not seem to have been updated for a while.[11/02]
archeire - irish architecture online.
archinect - wow.
archis - european magazine with some free articles from the years 1999 + 2000.
architect magazine - U.S. focus, reinvention of architecture magazine, trying to avoid starchitects this time round [11/06].

archrecord2 - spin off of architecture record - and quite good - for emerging architects.
architectural record - there is a lot here. Articles on commercial buildings are limited to a photo and project team list.
architecture aujourd'hui - empty site (September 2001).
architectural digest - hmmm... don't waste your time. [07/02]
architecture review (UK) - 'arplus' - prevous issues descriptions with (very few) readable articles - jobs and links.
architecture today - currently under reconstruction.
architecture week - great buildings' online magazine - good diversity of topics.
architronic - "schorlarly reviewed journal of architecture" - latest articles are from Jan 1999 and are viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
archined - fine dutch site with news and links.
archinet - small UK site with a few competitions, jobs and a forum.
architectureasia - not able to visit recently - something wrong with the site?
arcspace - fine danish magazine containing photo essays by architects.
art4d - a thai arts magazine with a fair architecural component. Unfortunately, web articles petered out in early 2002.
assemblage - MIT journal, ceased publication. Site contains abstracts only back to 1994. see grey room.
atlantic - US arts journal with occasional architectural pieces.
b-e-t-a - new italian journal in english. First issue concentrates on 'the void'.
bbzine - an odd hypertextual experience - but it grows on you. Unfortunately the site seems to have stopped growing in about July 2001.
building design - the British weekly is available online but you have to register (free). You can see the podcasts without registering.
cabinet magazine - an american arts and culture magazine which often has an architectural slant to its themed issues. A small number of articles are available online.[08/06]
canadian architect - quite a well stocked site with a tilt towards the technological.
design architecture - interesting zine with articles on new architecture, links and jobs.
design meeting point - spanish mag with good little articles and photos local and international projects. This links to the english section.
detail - a good print magazine, but its online equivalent is just a subscription shop with a few tiny teasers. Multilingual. [03.06]
domus - the web presence of this italian magazine is a bit different from the mag. Find selected articles and profiles, news, a gallery of domus covers, and forums.
dwellmag - some competition for wallpaper - a flash site looking at contemporary stylee US architecture. Not much content on site.
e-architect - aia web magazine - news, and much much more.
el croquis - little content on the site - a few snippets of recent publications up to 2001.
environmental design and construction - american green mag with some readable articles.
framemag - online international interior design magazine - good articles that aren't just teasers.
frontage road - slightly old (2000) minimag examining in brief design of the early 20th century. Scroll down and check out momentary vignette.
GA - the japanese stable of glossies presents an underwhelming website with lists of magazine contents only.
grey room - MIT's new architecture journal - abstracts available - full access for subscribers only.
harvard design magazine - good meaty articles - some from each issue are available on site (text only). The print versions of these articles are there to download (PDF).
hinge - Hong Kong's architecture magazine has a small presence on the net with a few articles available for online viewing.
icon - new UK mag, good indepth pieces, you can read through old issues online.
ionone - not really a mag but links to interesting articles on other sites.
jugglezine - in house herman miller fortnightly design magazine - click design and you might find some small but well-formed articles and interviews.
japan architect - now has some online content - namely a few photographs from each feature article.
leonce - architecture section of the berlin style magazine - text in german.
loud paper - dedicated to increasing the volume of architectural discourse - it's looking nice after a revamp - and these Californians have a new issue out for FREE online.
making of america - archive of 19th century manufacturing and building magazines.
metropolis - good coverage of past and present issues.
modern matters - gomod's magazine of the mid to late 20th century - under construction.
modernism - midcentury modernism that is - little beyond teaser article on the site. [05/04]
momentary vignette - an occasional series of unexpected investigations.
odorama 5 - very funky french flash site, not exactly a magazine, it is dedicated to space age architecture and design - slow to load - good retro links - no recent updates that I can find.
ottagono - just a shop for the italian magazine.
praxis journal - a nice flash site with teasers for this new american magazine.
Prototypo - a portugese magazine (in english) that's crawling with essays by notable architects including Diller+Scofidio, Thomas Lesser, Neil Denari and Yahuda Safran writing on "Planet Zaha Hadid".
riba on the web - large mag with many places to get lost.
shift - a very nice japanese ezine with the occasional architecture article. [01/05] - an american journal of the built and natural environments. Has an emphasis on poetry and fiction.
things magazine - A crowd of writers and historians at the V&A Museum keep this excellent mag and blog ticking, with archi-content from time to time. Many of the magazine articles are free to read. [01/05]
threshold - an MIT journal of visual culture with a few architectural articles for online viewing, though could not find any on latest visit.
The Journal is out of print. [01/05]
society of architectural historians - not visited.
volume5 - articles and discussions - contemporary american architects and students.
wallpaper - online and very sexy. Uses the flash plugin.

architecture blogs

archizine - now in weblog format, this long running site focuses on australian news links. [05/05].

belvedere - coming out of NZ somewhere, started up June 2004. [07/04]

dezain - the english translation of a japanese web log, which monitors online architecture sites daily.[11/05]

life without buildings - a blog beaming out of New Orleans I think. It's very well maintained.[08.06]

city comforts - a U.S. blog on, "cities, architecture, the 'new urbanism,' real estate, historic preservation, urban design, land use law, landscape, transport etc etc from a mildly libertarian stance."

city of sound - London web log that reckons it, "compiles links and thoughts on the collisions between cities, experience design, information architecture and infodesign, urban spaces and architecture, sounds and music." [11/05]

gravestmor - well attended Sydney blog, aparently 'gravestmor' is predictive sms for 'gravestone.' [03/05]

Pixel Points - Here's an architectural column/blog that is part of In this week's piece [March '05] Nancy Levinson examines the fate of some 'Bilbao Effect' buildings. They have not all done well. [03/05]

things magazine - A crowd of writers and historians at the V&A Museum keep this excellent blog ticking, with archi-content from time to time. [01/05]

that brutal joint - an occasional blog from a guy working at Eisenmann Architects. " If the craft of architecture is concerned with the physical joints between materials, the meaning of architecture appears in its intersections with other disciplines. This blog explores those relationships in contemporary theories." [09/05]


30.01.03 Monument magazine is now owned by 7 Network's Pacific Publications after its previous owners Terraplanet rode into the sunset. From the look of Pacific's website, they will remain committed to it for now, but how well does this title sit next to stablemates That's Life, New Idea and Total Girl?

11.12.02 Italian architects talking about nothing! THE VOID at (#0)

butterpaper books

Diller + Scofidio: Eyebeam Atelier of New Media & Technology: The Charles and Ray Eames Lecturer - anything by this crowd has got to be worth a peek.

Spiralbound 96 pages, 2004.

$US 12.21
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